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Coming in July 2017 !!!

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The Song of Copper Creek It's been more than a year since she lost her family in a tragedy that has left Grace Whitaker a shadow of her former self. Unable to move on surrounded by so many memories, she makes the desperate decision to return to her childhood home in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada. There she hopes to salvage the broken pieces of her life, but what she finds is the promise of peace and healing in an unlikely place. Copper Creek Farm is part of a Canadian historical museum, offering glimpses into nineteenth-century pioneer life. Yet the farm offers much more than that, it is a place of second chances. For Grace, the opportunity to work the land alongside the loving Whelan family is the first step toward healing. But she isn't the only broken soul seeking hope on the farm. Grace is joined by a young man in trouble with the law, as well as the Whelan's son and grandchildren, who are struggling through their own heartbreak. Together, these survivors discover the strength that can be found in friendship. But when faced with the uncertainty of the future, will they have the courage to move beyond the past to forge new lives for themselves?

Next book is out

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The Governess was released in October 206 and has received some great reviews so far. Very pleased with its reception.

Two New Books Out Now

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The Holy Ghost Can Help, a book for children ages 6-9, came out in September, followed closely by Heart's Journey, an historical fiction romance. Both are available at Seagull Books, Deseret Books, Amazon, and the Cardston Book Shop. In the Western U.S. you may also find them at Wal-Mart, Costco, and Barnes & Noble.  Great reviews so far!

Hard at work on #9!

Children's Book Coming Out in November

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Welcome to my new niece!

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Lots of love to my brother and his sweet little family! May she grow up to share the same qualities as the noble women she is named after.

Welcome new granddaughter!

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Our adopted little granddaughter Aspen Nicole was born April 21. Lots of love to proud parents Robert and Dawn-Nicole! We love you.

Almanac Article

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Please see my article on Landsharing in the new spring edition of the Harrowsmith Canadian Almanac on page 104.

Ontario Convenor for Clan Henderson

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I've recently been appointed convenor for Clan Henderson for Ontario. I'll be setting up an information booth at the Georgetown Highland Games June 8 and would welcome any of you who want to drop by for a visit. Come enjoy a day of great music, good food, and traditional dancing and athletics.

Brio joins the family

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Last week we welcomed a new cocker spaniel mix puppy into the family. And I may never have the energy to write again.

Children's Book Accepted

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My next book has been accepted! No idea of the publishing date yet, but it likely won't come out for a year or so. Since I've written just about every other genre in existence, I decided to try my hand at a children's book. Stay tuned for more information!



  • "Kristen McKendry takes readers along on Daniel McDonald?s exciting search for his missing family and the shadowed secrets of his origins. McKendry, a gifted storyteller, has cra..."
    Richard Cracroft
    "Book Nook" Columnist, BYU Magazine
  • "I had to finish the book last night. Loved it!!! There is something about your stories - completely engaging and I can't put them down. Put me on the list to buy your next one!!"
    Maureen Gans
    happy reader